Thai Massage, Bodywork and Education

Release – Align – Balance

Thai bodywork is one of the few massage modalities that actually moves the body while being performed. Its application addresses the body as a whole while still focusing on specific issues and complaints. There is a depth to the practice of Traditional Thai bodywork that reaches the physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual bodies that, in my opinion, surpasses many western therapies and techniques. I have personally experienced and witnessed the profound effects Thai bodywork can have on individuals searching for a deeper level of balance, wellness, and joy in their lives.

Deborah is an educator and massage therapist with a devotion for connection—with our bodies, our natural environment, and our community.  She spent 16 years living in Portland, Oregon, during which time she received her BS in environmental science / water resource management then furthered her education becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2003.   It is through her work as a massage therapist Deborah feels she is supporting her dreams by promoting individual vitality through massage, movement, and lifestyle.