Thai Massage Essentials:  Layers and Linescompression joint hip rom crop blue

Immerses students in the culture, physical bodywork techniques and healing intention of this Buddhist influenced medicine.
Learn Thai bodywork in a small class setting.
Full body Thai massage sequence
Spot specific or complaint oriented sessions
Intro to Thai Element Theory

Participate in morning ritual and daily Reusi dat ton excercises
Short lectures on the history and origins of Thai Medicine
Learn physical techniques for the layers of the body. Skin, tissue, sen, bone, organs.

Deep Thai Massage:  Compression and Stretch

stretch butterfly crop blue

The focus of this class is the skillful application of Thai deep tissue techniques that bring true structural change to muscle, fascia and sen, along with targeted luxurious stretches that open and release the body, allowing for greater freedom of movement. Journey further into the structural integration aspects that are natural to Thai massage, exploring muscle, fascia and sen with ever deeper understanding while learning a new Thai massage sequence that can be adapted for individual therapy.

Course provides:
• Ability to give a full body Thai massage
• Deep tissue techniques for structural change, healing, and release
• Techniques for supine, prone, sidelying and seated positions
• Thai and Lanna passive stretch therapies
• Advanced tendon, ligament and nerve treatment techniques
• Daily reusi da ton (Thai self care)
• Daily traditional Thai healing art spiritual practice
Pre-requisite: none, although Essentials of Thai massage course is recommended

Herbal Compress


Herbal compresses work deep into the tissue relaxing tight muscles. Great for low back pain or areas of chronic tension. Learn basic Thai medicine herbal compress formulas for muscles and nerves and how to apply these wonderful tools to the body.